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August 8, 2011 - 2:48:02 a.m.

Welcome to the Genealogy website.

This website contains the genealogy of one branch of the Bowles family that settled in Kansas and related families.

I have endeavored to ensure the accuracy of these genealogy records, but there will be some mistakes. If you find any mistakes or needed corrections, please notify the Admin so corrections can be made.

I hope the genealogy information contained here is of some help to you in your genealogy research. If you have any related genealogy information that you would like to share, please contact the Admin.

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Margaret Elizabeth GeorgeJune 17, 20154Death
Richard Ernest Payton Jr.June 17, 199029Death
Lula Mae C. June 17, 198039Death
Sadie Louise GibbsJune 17, 197544Death
John Matthew RinerJune 17, 197544Death
John H. Jaudon Jr.June 17, 197049Death
Amos Allen JordanJune 17, 196950Death
Archie Vincent HawkinsJune 17, 196554Death
Ruby BroughtonJune 17, 196554Death
Frank Cleveland MooreJune 17, 196158Death
Nellie ReiserJune 17, 194871Death
Span Hamond HankinsonJune 17, 194376Death
William James McElweeJune 17, 194277Death
Sylvia A. HileJune 17, 194277Birth
Patrick T. NilandJune 17, 193386Death
Leonidas D. BlountJune 17, 193386Death
Abraham B. BedenbaughJune 17, 193188Death
Otho H. DoyleJune 17, 193089Death
William Denson RicksJune 17, 192693Death
Virginia Wiseafter June 17, 192693Death
Mary Evelyn KinceyJune 17, 192594Birth
America Virginia FosterJune 17, 192396Death
Ellen E. SmithJune 17, 192396Death
Berrien Walter DurdenJune 17, 192297Death
George Evans PullenJune 17, 192198Birth
Charles H. MurrayJune 17, 1919100Birth
James David DouglasJune 17, 1917102Birth
Joseph Earl TutenJune 17, 1913106Birth
Esther M. RednoseJune 17, 1913106Birth
Curtis Brinson CowartJune 17, 1908111Birth
Berry Hampton TannerJune 17, 1908111Birth
Rosa Lee DalyrmpleJune 17, 1907112Birth
Lena Ruth GnannJune 17, 1906113Birth
Nettie Pearl SmithJune 17, 1902117Birth
William George SteptoeJune 17, 1902117Birth
Malgram BrinsonJune 17, 1901118Birth
Lillie Mae JohnsonJune 17, 1900119Birth
Elijah F. BrinsonJune 17, 1900119Death
Thomas Henry GayJune 17, 1897122Birth
Eva AllenJune 17, 1897122Birth
Rosier Faulk MatthewsJune 17, 1894125Birth
Rosier Faulk MatthewsJune 17, 1894125Death
Bennett Franklin MoodyJune 17, 1889130Birth
Joseph PainterJune 17, 1888131Death
Grace ThornettJune 17, 1885134Birth
Martha SpinksJune 17, 1884135Death
Joseph Allen HallJune 17, 1882137Birth
Simeon Warnockbefore June 17, 1863156Death
Littleton Berry LambJune 17, 1861158Birth
Mary Alocius DoyleJune 17, 1857162Birth
George Ashley YoungbloodJune 17, 1855164Birth
Narcissa BarwickJune 17, 1855164Birth
Mary Marcena Airabell PatrickJune 17, 1855164Birth
Mary Catherine SisJune 17, 1844175Death
John W. WotringJune 17, 1838181Birth
Josiah W. HeidtJune 17, 1826193Birth
Joel BaileyJune 17, 1800219Birth
Mary Mohrafter June 17, 1794225Death
Eliza Hannah SmithJune 17, 1791228Birth
Clifford A. Youngblood + Carrie Bell HallJune 17, 192594Marriage
John Fitzsimmons S. Price + Dora Anna WilliamsonJune 17, 1906113Marriage
Aliarean Youmans + Cassa M. KennedyJune 17, 1877142Marriage
Eugene Ransom Eggleston + Abby A. ThompsonJune 17, 1876143Marriage
Francis M. Phillips + Henrietta Jane June 17, 1863156Marriage
Aaron Hutcheson + Rutha TharpJune 17, 1860159Marriage