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August 8, 2011 - 2:48:02 a.m.

Welcome to the Genealogy website.

This website contains the genealogy of one branch of the Bowles family that settled in Kansas and related families.

I have endeavored to ensure the accuracy of these genealogy records, but there will be some mistakes. If you find any mistakes or needed corrections, please notify the Admin so corrections can be made.

I hope the genealogy information contained here is of some help to you in your genealogy research. If you have any related genealogy information that you would like to share, please contact the Admin.

Thank You! Genealogy
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George Wendell CurlApril 22, 200910Death
Earline BlalockApril 22, 199425Death
Edgar Ray SearsApril 22, 199425Death
Elmer F. GaddisApril 22, 199227Death
James Bennett Poppell Jr.April 22, 199029Death
William Eurie HutchinsonApril 22, 198930Death
Earl Lewis ConawayApril 22, 198435Death
Raymond Eonard NussmeyerApril 22, 198336Death
Curtis Hinton BradfordApril 22, 197940Death
William Clyde McFaddenApril 22, 197841Death
Johnnie Lucille KitchensApril 22, 197247Death
Eldora Eunice UlmApril 22, 196653Death
Clara Bell YoungbloodApril 22, 196455Death
George Clinton CurlApril 22, 195366Death
Mary ScovenApril 22, 194871Death
Caroline Theresa SchombertApril 22, 194871Death
Thomas Lanier BlackApril 22, 194178Death
Mary Ellen OvermanApril 22, 193485Birth
Charles Richard HerringtonApril 22, 193287Birth
Retha TomlinApril 22, 192693Birth
Sarah Frances LazenbyApril 22, 192693Death
Victoria E. RahnApril 22, 192396Death
Alva W. HaddockApril 22, 192396Death
William D. Barber Jr.April 22, 192198Birth
James Orland BeshiresApril 22, 1915104Birth
Rufus Clyde MooreApril 22, 1914105Birth
Henry Eugene HutchesonApril 22, 1912107Death
Nancy Ann DavisApril 22, 1912107Death
Eddie B. HenryApril 22, 1911108Death
Mary Ann McCuneApril 22, 1909110Death
James M. PageApril 22, 1906113Death
Joel HarrisApril 22, 1905114Birth
Annie Ruth HallApril 22, 1904115Birth
Michael HegartyApril 22, 1904115Birth
James Anthony InfingerApril 22, 1902117Death
Clide S. ScottApril 22, 1902117Birth
Sallie Lee LawsonApril 22, 1902117Birth
William Worthington CanterApril 22, 1899120Birth
Mary HoganApril 22, 1898121Birth
Osborne Gross RicksApril 22, 1896123Birth
JamesApril 22, 1896123Death
Annie Laura HoltonApril 22, 1895124Birth
Vasco Sherrod PhillipsApril 22, 1895124Birth
JamesApril 22, 1895124Death
John FarlowApril 22, 1894125Death
Ruth McDildaApril 22, 1893126Birth
Sinthey BraddyApril 22, 1888131Death
Elizabeth PriceApril 22, 1887132Death
Alfred Richardson ThornettApril 22, 1882137Birth
Marvin Ocenis HutchesonApril 22, 1881138Birth
Angus Shelly Shelma BurgstinerApril 22, 1880139Birth
Phoebe DillardApril 22, 1874145Death
Josiah HamiltonApril 22, 1869150Death
James Henry SaturdayApril 22, 1868151Birth
Washington Wiley ColeyApril 22, 1868151Birth
Marmaduke Jowers Jr.April 22, 1866153Birth
Mary Rachel FlandersApril 22, 1859160Birth
Francis Marion WomackApril 22, 1857162Birth
Phoebe April 22, 1851168Birth
Mary Eppelina MeloyApril 22, 1847172Birth
Sarah EllisApril 22, 1832187Birth
Martha KuntzApril 22, 1828191Birth
Jemima RegerApril 22, 1826193Birth
Joe Presley Sharpton + Lillian MooreApril 22, 1917102Marriage
Joseph Parker Flanders + Celia Elizabeth BrantleyApril 22, 1877142Marriage