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August 8, 2011 - 2:48:02 a.m.

Welcome to the Genealogy website.

This website contains the genealogy of one branch of the Bowles family that settled in Kansas and related families.

I have endeavored to ensure the accuracy of these genealogy records, but there will be some mistakes. If you find any mistakes or needed corrections, please notify the Admin so corrections can be made.

I hope the genealogy information contained here is of some help to you in your genealogy research. If you have any related genealogy information that you would like to share, please contact the Admin.

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On this day
William White Curl IIIAugust 20, 20163Death
Charles Griffin BrewerAugust 20, 20136Death
Ralph Arthur TolveAugust 20, 200019Death
Louise Arnell LawsonAugust 20, 199821Death
Frances GerinerAugust 20, 199722Death
Leo Lynn LarsenAugust 20, 199524Death
Eugene N. YoungbloodAugust 20, 199029Death
Carl Edward JohnsonAugust 20, 197841Death
Mabel Minnie BridenstineAugust 20, 197841Death
Florence B. NealAugust 20, 197643Death
Claudia ForehandAugust 20, 197544Death
Elijah Thomas WaleaAugust 20, 196752Death
Ellis Roland RidenourAugust 20, 196356Death
Robert Lee WilburnAugust 20, 196158Death
Kate Beulah JeterAugust 20, 195564Death
Nicholas Michael OkrakAugust 20, 195366Death
Catherine Elvira ThompsonAugust 20, 194970Death
Sidney Iverson FordhamAugust 20, 193683Death
Joe W. GrahamAugust 20, 192990Death
Robert O'BrienAugust 20, 192792Birth
Dora Vianna TomlinAugust 20, 192099Birth
Queen V. ScottAugust 20, 192099Death
Nicholas Michael OkrakAugust 20, 192099Birth
Willie Lee BarbeeAugust 20, 1918101Birth
John W. WotringAugust 20, 1918101Death
Emory Washington WatersAugust 20, 1917102Birth
Elbert Beauferd HoltonAugust 20, 1916103Birth
Estus Eugene YoungbloodAugust 20, 1913106Birth
Leonard Clarence ThompsonAugust 20, 1913106Birth
Roland McGeachyAugust 20, 1909110Birth
Reginald Raymond DukeAugust 20, 1907112Birth
Leo Floyd HoltonAugust 20, 1907112Birth
Lloyd Allen YoungbloodAugust 20, 1906113Birth
Willie WilsonAugust 20, 1906113Birth
Bernadette O'ConnellAugust 20, 1903116Birth
Ann R. O'LearyAugust 20, 1903116Death
Ernest Bernard WeitzelAugust 20, 1901118Birth
Harold Dennis ThornAugust 20, 1900119Death
Arlie J. FlandersAugust 20, 1900119Birth
Daniel YoungbloodAugust 20, 1896123Birth
Harold Leslie YoungbloodAugust 20, 1895124Birth
John CrossAugust 20, 1894125Death
Elizabeth JordanAugust 20, 1894125Birth
Bess Ethel HeathAugust 20, 1893126Birth
Otis Minton YoungbloodAugust 20, 1892127Birth
Alice FoxAugust 20, 1891128Birth
Valentine Sevastapol HatcherAugust 20, 1890129Death
Jimmie LilesAugust 20, 1886133Birth
John B. SumnerAugust 20, 1883136Death
Herman Wesley StoneAugust 20, 1883136Birth
Viola JordanAugust 20, 1882137Birth
YoumansAugust 20, 1880139Birth
YoumansAugust 20, 1880139Death
Oscar Eddie YeomansAugust 20, 1877142Birth
James Lewis ColemanAugust 20, 1872147Birth
John C. Sumner Jr.August 20, 1870149Death
Richard Lovett OliverAugust 20, 1867152Birth
Martha R. L. ConnallyAugust 20, 1857162Birth
Oscar StithAugust 20, 1856163Birth
Joseph Samuel MimsAugust 20, 1855164Birth
Mary Elizabeth PouAugust 20, 1854165Birth
Archibald Woods Jr.August 20, 1845174Birth
Margaret Elizabeth KesslerAugust 20, 1842177Birth
John SimkinsAugust 20, 1833186Death
Shadrack Edward HelmlyAugust 20, 1831188Birth
Dominick DoyleAugust 20, 1828191Birth
Thomas E. HelmlyAugust 20, 1822197Birth
Israel Nicholas HelmlyAugust 20, 1817202Birth
Isaac Dalbybefore August 20, 1761258Death
Elbert Lee Hall + Sylvia Lucille ValencourAugust 20, 194970Marriage
Freeman Ely Ballard + Margaret Letitia O'CallaghanAugust 20, 193485Marriage
Bee Reiser Helmly + Maud Gertrude WilsonAugust 20, 1913106Marriage
John B. Youngblood + Mary TannerAugust 20, 1882137Marriage