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August 8, 2011 - 1:48:02 a.m.

Welcome to the Genealogy website.

This website contains the genealogy of one branch of the Bowles family that settled in Kansas and related families.

I have endeavored to ensure the accuracy of these genealogy records, but there will be some mistakes. If you find any mistakes or needed corrections, please notify the Admin so corrections can be made.

I hope the genealogy information contained here is of some help to you in your genealogy research. If you have any related genealogy information that you would like to share, please contact the Admin.

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William B. Redd Jr.December 12, 20099Death
Thomas Allen OglesbyDecember 12, 200018Death
Carolyn BrewtonDecember 12, 199127Death
Stella Mae TannerDecember 12, 199127Death
Thomas Henry GayDecember 12, 198236Death
Edward M. JohnsonDecember 12, 198236Death
Annie Margaret EblingDecember 12, 198038Death
Laura Janette YoumansDecember 12, 197642Death
Perry Leon HooksDecember 12, 197642Death
Ollie PenryDecember 12, 197642Death
Minnie Alice WilkesDecember 12, 197444Death
William Clarence YoungbloodDecember 12, 197246Death
Annie Matilda StoryDecember 12, 196553Death
John Louis ElyDecember 12, 196256Death
Marion F. after December 12, 196256Death
Luck ColemanDecember 12, 195761Death
Benny Earl LeeDecember 12, 195266Birth
Jospeh Edgar YarboroughDecember 12, 194672Death
Alma Eugenia WestburyDecember 12, 194375Death
Hardee ThigpenDecember 12, 194078Death
John Jacob RumphDecember 12, 193583Death
Stanley Francis MooreDecember 12, 193286Birth
Thomas A. TapleyDecember 12, 193187Death
Irma Elmira FlandersDecember 12, 192890Birth
Kenneth RicksDecember 12, 192791Birth
Erastus TantDecember 12, 192692Death
Joseph Robert KitchensDecember 12, 192593Death
Warren Art OldsDecember 12, 192494Birth
Maude Winelle DurdenDecember 12, 192296Death
Rachel WestberryDecember 12, 1917101Death
Mildred AbneyDecember 12, 1917101Birth
John Thomas KempDecember 12, 1914104Birth
James St.Clair ParlerDecember 12, 1912106Birth
Thomas Hoyet WoodsDecember 12, 1912106Birth
MillerDecember 12, 1911107Birth
MillerDecember 12, 1911107Death
Rubye Louise BrownDecember 12, 1911107Birth
Gerald E. BeckerDecember 12, 1909109Birth
Roxie Lavada MeeksDecember 12, 1908110Death
Wilton J. WigginsDecember 12, 1902116Birth
Mary Annie OliverDecember 12, 1901117Birth
Osceola Butler CowartDecember 12, 1898120Death
Herbert David EdenfieldDecember 12, 1896122Birth
Ina Lee ThompsonDecember 12, 1895123Birth
Jeanie R. ZettlerDecember 12, 1892126Death
Marion Holly JohnsonDecember 12, 1892126Birth
Elsie Ruth EnglerthDecember 12, 1891127Birth
Albert Freeman HutsonDecember 12, 1885133Birth
Matilda Emma KeaDecember 12, 1885133Birth
Ann TaylorDecember 12, 1882136Death
Joseph Atwell SweatDecember 12, 1881137Birth
Dominick McGinley DoyleDecember 12, 1872146Birth
Daniel McNealDecember 12, 1848170Birth
Andrew Jackson MooreDecember 12, 1847171Birth
Archer SkinnerDecember 12, 1813205Death
Willie H. Canady + Lucretia Bell TruettDecember 12, 1897121Marriage
Alexander R. Brinson + Anna CurlDecember 12, 1888130Marriage
Dennis Saffold Durden + Mary A. E. HooksDecember 12, 1867151Marriage
Philip Thomas Doyle + Catharine Elizabeth HeckmanDecember 12, 1848170Marriage
Jesse Beard + Louise PengreeDecember 12, 1844174Marriage